Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good Intentions with a touch of Procrastination

I've been meaning to blog all week. Every day, I'd think, "I should blog about this", but then I didn't. Obviously.

It was a rough week.

That's not really true, in the grand scheme of things.

Work was hard, but work is always hard. I got three phone calls from one driver over the course of 3 hours Tuesday morning, starting at 2:30 a.m. That was fun. It took that same driver 2 full days to make a delivery to Atlanta and get back home because of a nasty string of mechanical failures. Last minute orders, emergency swaps needed, some fancy scheduling - if I'm honest with myself, I was on my game this week. I can puff up my chest a little and say I did a good job as a dispatcher this week. I felt pretty good as a manager, too; with maybe one exception, each driver seems to accept and respect me. I had a conversation with ____ on Friday afternoon; when I started this job a year and a half ago, he was lazy and not far from losing his job because of poor job performance. In fact, Bossman and I sat him down and said "You suck, and you need to improve." He has, dramatically. That was the topic of our conversation Friday; I thanked him for his turnaround and hard work. I told him it's been noticed by many. He left my office with a smile, returning to tell me that in his 15+ years of employment, this was the first time he'd been told he was a doing job, and he thanked me. It felt good, in a lot of ways. :)

So yeah, for a hard week at work, mine sure could've been a whole lot worse.

Finnegan got to go to work with me Tuesday and Wednesday because Bossman was in a budget meeting and then Court. He managed to not shit on the floor, for which I was grateful. He did learn a new trick - Stand On Kim's Desk While Mommy Goes Out To The Plant In The Afternoons And Whine Until She Comes Back Across The Parking Lot Then Jump Off The Desk And Scatter Kim's Paper's Everywhere. That was a fun trick. Every time. Wednesday morning, he caused me to be 20 minutes late, after he decided he REALLY wanted to go to the park instead of getting into the car, jerking my hand that held the leash, and also my smoothie - which ended up all down the front of me, in my shoe, in my purse. Anger!!! By the time I'd changed clothes, purses, shoes, I'd mostly forgiven him. But dude. What an asshole.

We still don't have a close date. We know it will be on or before 11/30. HOLY SHIT CAN YOU HURRY THE FUCK UP PLEASE?! I'm getting a bit impatient. We can't arrange for a moving truck. Jimi can't schedule a day off for the close until he knows which day, which will be one of the next 4 business days. How's that for notice? Looks like he'll be using a sick day, which seems a little fucked up cause you'd think they'd want to insure that your job is secure so you can pay your new mortgage payment. But whatever.

We started packing today. I've packed almost the entire middle room, and manoman do we have a lot of books! Jimi's designated room is the kitchen, which I assume he will tackle tomorrow. We started with good intentions today, but breakfast of pancakes at Denny's ended up being lunch at El Nopal, then a walk through the park (where Finn encountered his first horses, which scared him to death), then a stop off at the new house to check out the property line. Looks like the fence will be about double the size we'd anticipated. Which is awesome. Except that the cost will double too. Shit.

I'm ready to move. I'm so excited to start this next new adventure with Jimi.

Stacy's birthday is Monday. We're taking her to dinner at Sitar because, well, who DOESN'T love Indian food? Then we're going to go buy art supplies; she's not had a lot of disposable income to throw down on paint and brushes and whatever other sort of artsy stuff she's wanting, so i told her I'd take her shopping. I'm wanting some canvas and paints for myself. It'll be a fun night.

Tomorrow we were supposed to get up and start packing the bedroom. Maybe that's what I'm still supposed to do. I just want it done, man. But a walk in the park would be nice too.

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