Sunday, April 1, 2012

Strawberries for ice cubes.

Jimi's out picking up our new dryer - we found it yesterday, brand new in box, at a scratch & dent place for $100 less than the same model at Lowe's.  The power of comparison shopping.  "Aww, our first major appliance purchase," I teased sappily.  Of course, it's not really - the house came with a refrigerator and a dishwasher and a stove and a washer and dryer - but it kinda still counts. 

Maybe you're a sports fan and heard about the UK/UofL game last night?  As my father's daughter, I have a familial obligation to root for the Kentucky Wildcats, but as a resident of Louisville, with so many friends so passionately invested in the outcome for the Cardinals, I must guiltily admit that I sorta hoped for a come-from-behind victory for UofL.  I wanted to see this town go wild.  Lexington kept it classy and celebrated by flipping cars and setting fire to couches - I'm sure a few of the Cards fans who're looking down their noses today at those antics totally would've participated in the same last night had their team ended up on top. 

We went out shopping for the dryer yesterday and stopped in at the Waffle House in New Albany, IN.  All the staff and most customers were sporting either blue or red shirts, and the shit-talk flew across the grill alongside orders for scattered smothered and covered hashbrowns.  I wanted to take a picture, but was self-conscious about it for some reason.  For some reason it seemed like snapping a picture wouldn't capture the moment, it would just be intrusive. 

Jimi was a little sad that the Cards lost - he's a UofL Alum, and sported his red in contrast to my blue.  A house divided, we were.  I didn't gloat in the Cats' victory - after all, it's just a game.  I'm happy for the positive recognition the game brought to our state - apparently, having two teams in the Final Four is sort of a big deal. 

I'm sad to say we didn't win $640 million the other night.  *sad face*  I could've really used that money, too.  Like, to quit my job. 

Oh!  Wanna hear what I did on Friday?  I went on a rant about a co-worker and my general dissatisfaction at the office...and the co-worker to whom I was bitching was sitting on her mike, broadcasting the entire conversation over the airwaves and straight to the ears of all supervisors in the facility.  How awesome is that?  Can't wait to see what the fallout will be from that shit.  Fortunately, I didn't say anything untrue, nor did I mention any hot shit, like salary or bonus complaints that I am holding onto like a bitter pill.  And my boss was out of town and missed the whole thing, so at least there's that.  Still.  Fuck.

Last week was a little bit of alright - we went out almost every night, and as exhausting as that is, it's also exhilarating to have a social life.  Especially after neglecting it for so long. 

My 32nd birthday is next Monday, the 9th.  We've taken off Thursday and Friday, and Jimi's taking me somewhere special for the night.  I don't know where - trying to plan something was too much for me, so I asked him to please plan a nice dinner out somewhere, and to get a hotel room, and plan to have lots of sex, and to please find something fun for us to do on Friday.  Looks like we may be having friends over Saturday night, though it's awfully last minute, so I won't be able to be too disappointed if it doesn't work out.  I've taken off the 9th and 10th, too - I may treat myself to a facial or something.  Maybe I'll go buy myself something pretty.  Mostly I'm glad to not have to work for 6 whole days in a row.

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