Saturday, April 21, 2012

My boyfriend's back...

Jimi's home!  YAY!  I missed him very much and the house feels like home again now that he's back in it.

Also I missed computering with a computer - the kindle is a great little tablet, but it's not ideal for exclusive internetting.  I like bigger pictures. And a keyboard.  

I like to sleep in a cold bedroom under the weight of a lot of blankets.  In summer, this requires dropping the AC temp before bed, in winter I lower the heat.  In Spring and Fall, those delicious in-between seasons, I live for nights like last night - breezy and a little rainy, but not rainy enough to soak my floors if I leave the windows open in the bedroom.  I didn't check the weather, but Jimi says it got down to 50.  Sweet.  It was freezing in the bedroom when you left the safety of the covers, but snuggled under the sheets, the thermal blanket, and the down comforter, the ambient air was juuuust riiiight.  For me, at least - Jimi insists I'm crazy... like that's some sort of news flash.

I finished my first kindle book last night - 11/22/63 by Stephen King.  I'm a huge SK fan, and this book didn't disappoint.  Like so many of his novels, the character development was excellent, the story moved along quickly, and I was completely sucked in to the world King illustrated with his words.  I'm not sure about the medium, though.  I really liked this book a lot, and as is often the case with books I enjoy, I want to share it with the other readers in my life, like Jimi, my Momma, Daddy.  I want to pass it along to Stacy, who, like me, in keeping with the precedents set in our adolescence,  will probably forever read whatever Stephen King puts out simply because Stephen King wrote it.  But this medium, this e-book format...I'm not sure about it.  I really loved it, until I realized my $15 book is a file on an electronic device that I can't drop off at Stacy's or Momma's without a care, as I would a $15 paperback.  I didn't really think that through when I made the impulse purchase.  I can't pass this book around to my closest friends and family and then go offload it at the Book & Music Exchange  in trade for a half dozen other dogeared tomes.  I think I may need a few days to sort out my feelings on this subject - till then, free e-books only. 

I just remembered today is Thunder Over Louisville - a day of celebration in our downtown, with an air show and the World's Largest fireworks display, bringing together a crowd of a quarter million on our riverbank to kick off the two-week lead-up to the Kentucky Derby.  For the last few years, bossman has given us all tickets to the local AAA baseball stadium, where we watched a game, watched the airshow, got drunk, and watched fireworks before sitting in the hours-long traffic jam that always results at the end of the night.  Last year, though, the weather turned to shit (rain and sleet and temps in the mid-30s) and no one went - the company had something like $1200 worth of unused tickets.  Bossman swore he'd never do it again, but when the time came to order tickets this year, he offered them again.  We all refused, for fear the day would turn out like last year and no one would want to go.  Looks like we made the right choice - it's 50 degrees outside and drizzling.  I'm not much interested in being outside in that crap all day.  I'm good right here in my living room.  (Besides, the badass park across the street has an awesome lookout from which you can see the entire downtown - complete with fireworks on Thunder night - so maybe we'll take advantage of the walking-distance vantage point.  Daddy took Brother and I there one year when Momma was out of town - I remember hearing later that there was a huge animatronic dinosaur on the bridge that year, and I was bummed that I didn't get to see it because we were miles and miles away.) 

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  1. I'm reading that book right now and, so far, I love it.


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