Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh shit, again?

The alarm went off at 9:30 - classical music, soft and soothing and a gentle way to ease into a new day.  I opened my eyes and found his blue ones - he smiled at me, then pulled my face close to his and kissed me hard on the mouth with his soft lips before putting his cheek against mine and whispering in my ear "Good morning, I love you." 

Giant blueberry pancakes and crispy fried bacon with coffee and milk - breakfast took nearly an hour and a half to cook and serve.  While I waited for the edges to dry so I could flip the cakes, I read one of my two new books that arrived yesterday - Stephanie Nielson's Heaven is Here.  Her husband served his mission in Louisville - I wonder if I met him?  The world is awfully small. 

Jimi's got another week of training ahead of him and it makes me sad.  One of my favorite things about our relationship is the fact of waking up next to him every morning.  (see above)  That said, I wasn't horribly lonely or sad in the last week, so I'm sure I'll be fine this week. 

I've got that pork tenderloin marinating and I'm gonna grill the shit out of it tonight.  I'm also gonna have a lovely spinach salad and a baked tater with bacon, cheese, and sour cream (greek yogurt).  I made a strawberry cake yesterday on a whim, and iced it with my favorite, rainbow chip icing.  There's a half gallon of Blue Bell Banana Split ice cream in the freezer.  I'm going to get fat this week. 

After I finish Mrs. Nielson's book, I've got Jenny Lawson's (aka The Bloggess) new release on deck - Let's Pretend This Never Happened.  And then, after I've finished that, I've got hundreds of free books at my disposal via the kindle and the 'net. 

And Melinda and I are starting boot camp on Tuesday.  YAY! 

See?  No time to get lonely.  He'll be back before I know it, and then life will back to normal again. 

(I tried to blog on the kindle, but I cannot.  There's something incompatible with the text-entry screen and it doesn't pull up the keyboard, so I can blog a title and maybe some labels, but no actual blog words.  I ain't got anything all that interestin' to say no how.)  :)  See ya next week!

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