Sunday, April 15, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

My birthday last week (and the whole week of celebrating that was done) was amazing and wonderful and fantastic.  I even managed to go an entire day without taking one single work-related phone call.  That's never happened before.  We had a house full of people Saturday night, and my goodness, I love throwing parties.  To have dozens of people gathered in my home, celebrating and eating and making merry, it makes my heart so full and happy.  This 32nd birthday of mine made me feel loved and appreciated and special. 

One of these days I'll start blogging regularly again.  Probably not soon, though - Jimi's heading to Cincinnati to learn a new job (Yay!) and he's taking the computer with him.  I can blog from my phone or kindle, I guess...but we see how often I'm blogging these days with a keyboard at my fingertips - I don't want anyone to expect any touchscreen updates, because that's much too slow and frustrating for my touch-typing fingers. 

I've got a dozen notes hidden in his pants and t-shirts and boxers; I'm hoping he'll find them one by one, over the course of the week, maybe just when he needs a little boost.  He's not been away from home for even a night, and I know it sounds silly to be talking about a grown man and making it sound like he's a little kid, but it's a big deal to us.  I miss him already.  

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  1. Well hello stranger! Fancy meeting you in this neck of the woods!!! Glad to hear you're still alive and another year wiser!!! Happy Birthday kiddo !!!


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