Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So, I went to Nashville last weekend.
Let me set the stage for you:

Jimi and I have spent (until this past weekend) exactly TWO nights apart since we moved into our former home on Camp Street in June of 2007.

Let that sink in for a moment.
Every night, except TWO, for the last 4.5 years, we've slept in bed next to each other,
woken up next to each other,
kissed good morning each day.

So I was a bit nervous setting out on this journey.
I was homesick before I left. 
I had butterflies and everything.

But I'd committed, and so I was going.  To Nashville.  For two nights.  With women who weren't Jimi.


First, we met Dolly in the Welcome Center on the Tennessee/Kentucky state line.
(it's not really the state line - it's like 4 miles south)


And then we were at our hotel.  
Kimmie's dad put us up in the Hilton on Broadway between 4th and 5th Avenues.
 We had Diamond status, bitches.
(we said that over and over all weekend.
as in, "Bring me whatever I want. I'm Diamond, Bitches."
[Diamond Status does not equal free valet parking, for the record.])
We parked Valet anyhow.
I've never done that before.
Now, to make you understand how funny THAT is, I have to show you this:

That dented car there on the left?  that's mine.  
What's even better? 
At the fuel stop before this one, 5 minutes from my home, just at the start of our trip
the gas door wouldn't open.  The cable broke.  Apparently it's common on this year Civic.
A Good Samaritan tow truck driver happened by and popped the door open for us.
So my gas door hangs open now.
Like I forgot to shut it.
It's super classy, 
especially when every valet driver at the Hilton tries to close it for you.

Anyhow, views from our suite:

So we got all dressed up (put on makeup and peed) and hit the town.
 This was man made the first music I heard in Nashville.  I tipped him $2.

The patio was open on a Friday night in February.

 There was a cigarette machine!  Holy crap, I haven't seen one of these in forever!
 And then we met Elvis. 


Mario & Luigi was their name.

When we got back to the room, there was cake:

It didn't last long.

 And so then we went to the hotel bar...

 But we got there at last call, and so we drank one and took one for the road...

The view the next morning.

These are the tables in the lobby of the Hilton.
WTF is that thing there in the middle?
No, really.
I can't figure it out, and no one else knows.
Please help.

We had a surreal brunch, 
and then headed out to buy Kimmie new shoes, 
and then stopped by the Antique Archeology store.

I made Kimmie take this pictures so you could see how cute I was.

And then our night got started...


  1. What an amazing view! Looks like a blast.

  2. I'm coming next time. Yep, just invited myself. Deal with it. Jeremy and I have only been apart two nights in the six years we've been together. I understand where you're coming from. Glad you guys had a great time though. And is it just me or was Elvis trying to feel y'all up? ;)

    1. It's a date! I'll bet you'd dance on the bar with me.

      And yes, Elvis is a dirty old man. Wait till you see what Kim did with him Saturday night...

  3. Great pictures. I love the nighttime Nashville skyline. I actually just moved away from the city (well, I lived about 30 miles south) this past summer. But just to Knox, so it's not a huge transplant.

    Do tell me you went to Tootsies. You can't visit Nashville and not go to Tootsies. :)

    1. We did go to Tootsies! I only found one orchid, though, and it was embroidered on a hat. I swear I'll blog about that part this week, that was the best night of the trip.


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