Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Morning

I went to Valu Market this morning to pick up Juice, Milk, and English muffins.

They don't have English muffins at Valu Market.  Not one package.  Not even an off brand.  No English Muffins.

And their milk?  It's priced a dollar higher than milk at Kroger.  Every day.  All the time.

So, my lesson of the day is to go to Kroger on Sunday mornings for my Milk, Juice, and English muffins, not Valu Market.  Even if Valu is closer.


We went to the Edwards Family Reunion yesterday, in Acton, KY.  This is my maternal grandmother's family, and we've held the even at the same Church Retreat compound for the last...lord, I don't know...20 years?  When I was a child, we'd show up on Saturday morning, and there would already be a crowd of folks from the country.  (If you didn't live in Louisville, like my family, you were from "the country".)  This always included my Great-Grandmother, Mae Edwards, the matriarch of the family.  She wasn't in attendance yesterday.  She's 98 years old, and she's not been in the best of health for probably the last year.  She still has good days, just not as often as she used to.  I'm disappointed we didn't see her, and I wish we'd left early enough to visit her at home.

Granny and Papaw weren't there this year, of course.  They've been gone for years now.  I miss them every day, but our loss is more pronounced at gatherings such as these, where Granny used to be the life of the kitchen, chopping and stirring and baking, and where Papaw would be over on the couch in the corner with his guitar, pickin' and a grinnin'.  I miss the music they made together, after dinner or supper, when we'd all crowd around and listen to them harmonize to old gospel songs.

Aunt Cill wasn't there this year, either.  She didn't want to get her feelings hurt.

There was good, though, and plenty of fun.  Spending the day with my Momma and my aunts and my cousins - a good time was had by all.


Jimi and Steve are moving their beer into the second fermentation rack today.  I think that means they're basically transferring it from one carboy to another and then letting it hang out for another few weeks while it gets delicious.

I'm going to be doing some gardening.

And then we're supposed to mow the yard.  We'll see about that.


And then we came to the end...

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