Monday, August 16, 2010

The OTHER Roommate

I turned 30 in April.  My boss, who is without a doubt the coolest boss evar, got me this:

(The zombie, that was the gift.  I'm the one in blue.)

I named him Turner.  He was the star of my Super AWESOME 30th Birthday Partay.  (Wherein I asked everyone to dress as a zombie, ninja, or pirate.  That's where the boss got the idea for the zombie-gift.  These are the only costumes that appeared at the party.  I'm the zombie in the middle.  Kim was a zombie clown, kinda:

But they're pretty awesome, so that made it okay that everyone else sucks and wouldn't dress up in the middle of April.)

Since the party ended, Turner has lived behind the chair in the front sitting room.  He scares Jimi and I every now and then, even though we know he's there, but the best reaction comes from unwitting guests who don't expect to see a haunted-house-quality zombie bust coming out of the floor behind the chair in which they're sitting.

J, our new roommate, keeps forgetting he's there.

(Here he is again, in front of my desk at work:

He's super scary.)

She claims she peed herself a little this last time.

I'm a bad person for laughing, aren't I?


  1. That is awesome!! Where did your boss get it??

  2. He says he saw it in a Sky Mall magazine and knew it had to be mine. I can't remember the name of the company that makes them, but they make all kinds of life-like plaster/plastic things. Need a life-sized Elvis bust? A statue of a peacock with tail displayed? They can totally hook you up.


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