Saturday, August 28, 2010

Note to self...

Jimi and I went to the movies with my Momma tonight.

I love spending time with my Momma.  She's funny and smart and pretty and just an all around good person.  She's classy.  (Everyone (Jimi) says i'm just like her, but I didn't inherit that particular trait, sadly.)

The movie we saw had lots of "Fuck You!"s and boobs and people having sex.  OH!  And some no-nudity scenes from a couple of gay porn videos.

Basically, it was everything you'd NOT want to see in a movie you're watching with your mom.

She did not enjoy it.  I was "eh".  Jimi liked it.  (This is especially funny because he originally was going to splinter off and see his own selection, something about some kid fighting his new girlfriend's evil ex-boyfriends? because he was convince that our chick-flick selection would be lame. Whatever.)

There were a lot of middle-aged couples in the theater tonight.  I think it must have been Silver-Anniversaries-and-above date night in Louisville this evening.  Which is cool.  Date nights are important.

After the movie, we walked up a short stretch of Bardstown Road and back, passing a 20-something street preacher twice.  He really loves Jesus.  That's cool.  We all need something to be passionate about.  No one else wanted to stop and listen, though, so we just kept on walking.  Then we went to the Valu and Momma bought some mangoes and tomatoes.  Jimi bought a beer and some cube steak, thinking he'll use it to trick me into eating hamburgers.  I ate the cube-steak burgers once.  It takes weeks to work myself up to the idea of it.  And then he goes and springs it on me?  I'll get through this somehow.  (Did I mention I'm a little fucked up when it comes to food?  No hamburgers...well, NO pressed meat of any kind, really; i.e. hamburgers, meatloaf, large chunks in the spaghetti sauce or taco meat, meatballs.  That's only the first rule.)

But back to the title of the blog, Note to self...always say "Yes" when Momma invites you out somewhere.  Momma is great company and I should jump at every opportunity to share her company and learn a little more about this awesome woman who made me.

A 20 minute drive is not the end of the world, you lazy heifer.


  1. "The Kids Are All Okay" or something like that. I don't know...Momma picked it.


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