Saturday, July 28, 2012

10.3 - What's a kumquat? (and other blah blah blah)

"Did you poop?"  "Yep!"  "Oh, good!"
These are the conversations pregnancy brings to our lives.  I've heard that modesty goes out the window, I just didn't realize it would begin so soon.

We're 10 weeks and 3 days along, and life is good.  I told some of my extended family on Tuesday, after Grandma's funeral.  My Aunt Cill passed my cell phone ultrasound photo around to anyone she could get to stand still - she was so in awe of our little gummy bear.  Jimi broke the news on Facebook Wednesday, and we were overwhelmed by all the love and well-wishes that poured in.  People love babies, I guess.  And us too, it would appear. 

I have some nausea in the mornings, usually right after I get out of the shower, and again in the evenings starting around 8 p.m.  It's not bad at all, though - more of a discomfort, maybe the way you feel an hour after a meal where you probably should've stopped before dessert but didn't.  I can't believe I'm so lucky - I figured I'd for sure be puking my guts out for the first three months.


I wrote that yesterday before work.  I don't feel like starting a new post, so I'm just adding on.

I got a raise yesterday.  The one I asked for 5 months ago.  I asked for 50%, then 25% - I got 12%.  I decided on my way home last night, and again this morning, that this means I need to spend the weekend readjusting my attitude toward my job.  I'm damn lucky to be where I am.  I have a job, that pays me a good wage, where I have a very promising future ahead of me.  I've more than doubled my salary in five years.  Holy fuckballs, I've fucking doubled my salary in five years, during which time the country has suffered one financial crisis after another and unemployment has almost hit 10%, and I, without a college education, have doubled my salary in five years.  Yeah.  I need to get my head in the right place and be glad to have what I've got and not take the work so damn personally.  

After breakfast today, we pulled up the carpet in the living room, pulled tacks out of the hardwood underneath, vacuumed a million times, washed it down with Murphy's Oil Soap - and now we have a hardwood floor in our living room.  YAY!  This is the first of many pre-baby projects we've got planned - all of which need to happen sooner rather than later.  I'm very much encouraged by our success today - i was terrified of this project being more than we'd planned for.  I was afraid I'd have an unusable living room for weeks and weeks.  It's not perfect, but it's perfectly livable, and now I'm really looking forward to tackling the carpet-pulling in other rooms, along with the painting that's scheduled to follow.  And the decorating, of course.  I'm shopping for a rug and a couch - watch out world when i start shopping for the nursery.  Oh, I just can't wait!  

I'm tired and I wish we had some ice cream.    



  1. I'm glad you haven't been very nauseated, and that you are able to enjoy this stage. I'll bet the living room looks great! The picture I saw looks like the floor was in good shape. And even if it's not perfect, mine weren't, and I was still thrilled to have them uncovered.

    I'm glad the raise finally came through, so you could stop worrying about what to do if you didn't get it. I know they really do value you there, and are lucky to have you. But it is hard to keep up your attitude when you are questioning that. We haven't had raises in five years, but we're also the only agency in the county that hasn't done layoffs. While I am appreciative of that, it does still get old....

  2. Yay for the raise, a new floor and not much nausea. It sounds like your nausea is a lot like mine was: very (very) minimal. Mostly, it showed up a little bit if I ate too much or if I didn't eat for a long period of time.
    Take care and enjoy!


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