Sunday, January 22, 2017

I Love Women.

I'm so proud of the women in our nation and around the world who marched yesterday.

I wish I could've been in it. 
I was afraid, I admit.
I am scared of our new president and I was scared of what the marches and protests would become and I wanted to take my girls, to be part of this with them...but I was scared and I kept us home.
I tell myself it's because they're so small, they wouldn't have remembered anyhow...but that's bullshit, and I know it, and I won't pretend you wouldn't see through the excuse immediately. 
I can't stop reading links with pictures of protest signs. 
God I love women.
I'm so impressed with their strength and bravery and intelligence and their will...and I haven't even gotten started on the women I personally know and love! 
I feel buoyant today after seeing images from yesterday.
I feel hopeful. 
I'm not as scared.

Well, until I got to the article about twitler's media guy's press conference where he insisted the inauguration, arguably one of the least-attended in history, was in fact the most widely attended ever, which is an easily verifiable falsehood.  These fuckers remind me so hard of 1984...and then I'm scared again. 


  1. i hear ya. it's a scary time.

  2. I live in the DC area and went to the big march. I am getting chills just thinking about it this morning. It was an incredible, amazing, positive, completely overwhelming experience. It took forever to get there on the metro (subway) but everyone was singing and joking and even being kind to the handful of Trump supporters heading downtown. I was so far from the main stage I couldn't see anything and could only occasionally hear. I taped the march at home so I could watch the speeches. My favorite sign was "I can't believe we still have to protest this sh*t." Lots of "tiny hands" jokes too, which never get old. Don't be afraid to go next time - DC police reported zero arrests at a march of 500,000 people. The violence you saw Friday was by a group of anarchists that show up for EVERY inauguration to break windows and burn stuff.

    I went to listen to my sisters (and brothers, lots of men there too!) who have real reason to fear the next four years. I will stand up for them and with them. The challenge now is to channel all the energy of Saturday into lasting change.

  3. Thank you for marching! I'm much less fearful after watching the coverage of thearches, and reading the individual stories. Good luck to us all.


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