Saturday, March 2, 2013

41.3 and still pregnant

This baby is getting close to being served an eviction notice.  We've got a deadline, actually - if she's not here by Monday, they're going to induce Tuesday night.  *sigh*  I really want to avoid induction.  My midwife did explain to me how their use of Pitocin differs from your typical OB's office, but not want. 

After having irregular contractions all day Thursday, I went to the midwife yesterday to attempt to have my membranes stripped, but it was for naught.  Baby is facing my left side.  She needs to turn and face my back in order to drop low enough to get down in there and sit her little head on my cervix just right and get things started.  I was sent out with an aching lower abdomen (cervical checks are NOT comfortable) and mounting frustration - I've been at 3 cm for nearly 2 weeks now, and nothing is changing.  I was told to spend lots of time leaning forward, doing pelvic rocks and squats, and trying to make my belly as hammock-like as possible to encourage baby to turn correctly.  I'm following those instructions very carefully, which means I'm sitting UBER-ladylike  at all times, with my legs spread wide, elbows on my knees as I lean forward.  I don't give a shit what anyone thinks - I'm going to get this baby out of me, dammit.  As of this morning, I think she has turned - she feels more centered to me, at least.  Her little back and butt have been along my right side for months, and now she seems to be more in the middle.  Oh, I hope this works!

My house is clean.  I've done our taxes.  The laundry is caught up. I'm making a list in my head of the little things that need to happen if she decides to show up this weekend.  I'm ready.

The longer this process drags on, the more nervous I get.  I just want to get it over with - let's get this show on the road, already! 


  1. I was induced with Pitocin and it was not that bad. Hoping to hear baby news soon :)

  2. Thanks for the update. I hope she comes soon and smoothly!

  3. I hope Baby Girl cooperates with her Momma on this one. And soon!

  4. Hang in there, sister.


  5. Holy crap you're almost there! Unless you're currently in the delivery room right now as I type this. Almost there Natalie!!!!

  6. Come on out Trogdor, it's about time!


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