Sunday, January 15, 2012


I want Judge Judy to adopt me and let me live in her awesome 14-acre Connecticut chalet and cook in her gourmet kitchen and play piano in her white formal living room.  (Kim texted me last Sunday morning and said CBS's Sunday Morning was featuring the Judge and I rushed to the television - I love Sunday Morning, but I also love silence on Sunday mornings, so the television was not already on and tuned in.)  I've been a loyal Judge Judy watcher for years, and now I want to be her adopted granddaughter.  I'll bet she give great birthday gifts.

My boss keeps giving me shit about the political stuff I'm sharing or reposting or stating on Facebook.  I told him I'll try to make sure I block him from those posts going forward.

I'm trying to sync my phone to the laptop for the first time since we got it back from the computer doctor.  I'm afraid.  I hate it when things don't work the way they're supposed to - viruses, hiccups, lost data - and then I get scared that it'll do it again and I don't want to bother with it.  But we live in a digital age, and I've gotta deal with it, right?

Pictures that I meant to post in 2011 but didn't get to because the computer got sick:

Do you remember the big green building up the way from work?
It's all gone now.  


One building, three filters.


Hi pretty puppy!


A week or so before Christmas, Jimi and Steve and I had lunch and then spent part of the afternoon wandering through the Highlands, browsing in the eclectic little shops.

I've always romanticized the idea of this aimless strolling,
up and down Bardstown Road,
without a care in the world.
I haven't carved much time out to participate in this ritual,
but I always enjoy it thoroughly when I do.

 There's a store called Why Louisville.
It was my first time there, and I loved it.

I found myself wishing there were more out-of-towners on my shopping list - 
this store is perfect if you want to give someone a small taste of this awesome town.   

And then there was this:
Me too, buddy.  Me too.


When I was a child, the arrival of the Christmas season was heralded by the arrival onto Granny's dining room table of a wooden bowl full of in-the-shell mixed nuts.  For the next six weeks or so, Papaw would crack and pick through that bowl non-stop - the cracking would be the periods and commas dividing up his verbal thoughts as we played Skip Bo or Riddle Me Riddle Me Ree.  This year, I bought a set of crackers and pickers and a bag of in-the-shell mixed nuts - I felt like a grown-up, continuing on family traditions.  (I'm pretty sure I bought a set of these when I was married, but what happened to those is anyone's guess.)


We'd intended to go out of town for New Year's weekend, but of course, we were sick, so that didn't happen.  We spent most of New Year's Eve watching the Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi, but Angie sent a text asking what we were doing, so we scooped her up and headed to Cafe Mimosa for sushi.  

At one point, I looked past Angie and saw the two couples at the tables behind her.  Of course I'd noticed them come in, but I hadn't gotten the full effect of them sitting right next to each other.  

"Don't look now, but Mad Men just met Jersey Shore, right here in Louisville."  

And then Angie went on a tirade about people who dress stupid to get attention and then get mad when people stare and how if they don't want people to look at them they shouldn't dress stupid.  (I've gotta figure out how to post that shit.)


During our sickness, we sought the much-loved comfort of Vietnam Kitchen.
Their magical healing spicy noodle soup is exactly what Jimi needed.
(And they have an asparagus crap soup that is out of this world!)
(Really, everything there is awesome. I just can't eat most of it because I'm picky.)
Anyhow, so we went in search of soup, and we also found this:
It's a pomegranate tree.  Complete with pomegranates.  
The owner says someone gave it to them years ago as a gift and they didn't know what it was
until it started growing fruit.
I want a pomegranate tree.  


And now, scenes from The Drum Plant:

 I sorta want to have some of these printed.
And hang them on my office walls.
I may just do that.

The End.


Please don't make me cry.


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