Sunday, December 11, 2011

Today, happiness is...

Yesterday, Rick called and said, "Are we still on for brunch tomorrow?"
Um.  ...  

Oh yeeeaaaahhh...I sorta remember, 
something about delicious brunch somewhere and I was all "Let's go this Sunday"
and then promptly forgot all about it.
I hadn't even said anything to Jimi, and was going to tell Rick that we couldn't, 
but Jimi said we could.

And so we did.

We got all dolled up this morning.
I was a vision in browns, 
chocolate skirt and tights, 
oatmeal wool sweater over a red tank,
camel suede knee-high boots.

You'll have to take my word for it, though.
I went to take a picture of us, and Jimi was all, "Let me do it, I'm better"
and I was all, "okay",
and maybe he was better (we'll never know because I didn't get a turn),
but he wasn't that great.  
This is the only evidence of our pretty:

We went to BLU.

I'd never been, but I'll be back.
A made-to-order pasta station,
made-to-order omelets,
fresh fruit,
any kind of bread your little heart could desire,

Mussels, asparagus, seared chicken with a lemon caper sauce.
Antipasto, grits, granola, salmon.

 And a selection of five desserts.

We three each chose the strawberry shortcake and the chocolate mousse.
The mousse, SURPRISE!, was chocolate-peppermint.
The cream and strawberries on the shortcake were the stars of the show, though.
I wish I had more right now.

Hope your Sunday was semi-spontaneous and delicious, too!

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