Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Songs by Natalie

Oh, Christmas Party,
Oh Christmas Party,
How lovely is your open bar.

Oh Christmas Party,
Oh Christmas Party,
your menu offers shit like tuna tartar. (WTF?)

I drink and eat,
'til my eyeballs sweat,
then smoke a fag,
till dessert is served.

Oh Christmas Party
Oh Christmas Party,
I love that Bossman pays your tab.

There.  I made you a Christmas song.  You're welcome.

Do you eat foie gras?  I don't.  No thanks.  Our restaurant tonight had grilled foie gras on the menu.  I'm not an organ-meat sort of gal.

Well, unless you're talking about...

God, I just can't have class.  me and class were just never meant to be friends.

I was lookin' cute tonight, though, if i do say so myself.    I finally wore that crocheted vintage skirt Jimi bought me back in 2007 - turns out it's the hotness with a pair of tights and suede boots.  Who knew?  (Jimi, apparently, but we're not going to talk about how he's always right.)

So yeah, tonight was the company Christmas dinner, and it was fantastic, as always, and probably scarily expensive, as usual.  It was fun and gay, and I wish there was a way we could do this every month, instead of once a year.  The good tidings and joy are overflowing.

I should go to bed before I get some of it on the carpet.

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  1. Love your warped and twisted Christmas carol. Also, when do we get to see the skirt?


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