Sunday, November 25, 2012

I need some cheese to go with my whine.

I'm sick and it sucks.  I've usually got a rockstar immune system, but this pregnancy is cramping my style - this is the second time in the last 6 months that I've been ill, and I'm not digging it.  This time it's sinus related, which is better than the 24-hour puking binge from last time, but only marginally.  Not being able to breathe is for the birds, and now I'm developing a cough and body aches to go with it, so I guess I'll be headed for the doctor's office tomorrow.  I really don't want to be pumped full of meds, but I don't want to be miserable, either.

Sleeping is becoming quite the challenge.  I'm waking up every hour to pee, which is sort of convenient, because I usually need to roll over to my other side by then, anyhow, thanks to my aching hips.  Oh goodness, I've got another 3 months of this.  Which means it's probably going to get tougher to sleep.  I'm going to be a zombie.  It seems really unfair that we soon-to-be moms lose our ability to sleep right before we have a baby who takes away our ability to sleep.  Doesn't it seem more reasonable that we'd be able to sleep wonderfully right up until the child is born, and then dive head-first and well-rested into the first weeks of parenthood? 

All I've got are complaints. 


  1. I found a cheesey joke to go with your whine:

    What music do cheese listen to?


    Good luck sleeping

    1. HA! I like this joke. And I'm sorry you're sicky. That does not sound fun at all.

  2. Poor thing. Sinus problems are misery. Don't forget the sinus rinses. That's something non-medicated you can do, and it will make a big difference. Also, my ENT said that when you're congested, use two packets of the saline instead of one. It stings a tiny bit, but it helps clear the congestion.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Totally sucks. But as for soon-to-be moms losing sleep, I think it's nature's way of preparing you for the inevitable lack of sleep you will be enduring after the baby is born. Cruel perhaps, but it serves a purpose. Good luck!

  4. Sorry about you being sick. I know when I was pregnant with my daughter, I always was congested. At least you aren't pregnant during the summer like I was when I was pregnant with my daughter six years ago. I was miserable and my feet and ankles stayed swollen. Hope you feel better soon and I agree with the saline flushes, they came in handy.

  5. hahahaha I remember when I was preggo with Emma I kept hearing 'get all the sleep you can now because you won't get anymore when the baby gets here'. I wanted the punch everyone in the boob because I was not getting any sleep while I was pregnant! When she got here she kept us up a bit for 2 weeks and then she slept through the night, but even in those first two weeks I got more sleep than I had gotten while she was flip flopping around in my belly! Ray made me a nest of pillows so I could sleep on my stomach once. It didn't help, but it sure was nice of him! I hope you feel better soon Notie!!!


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