Monday, November 19, 2012

26.5 - Nearly 2 pounds and 14 inches long. INSIDE ME

I hope my inability to keep up with my blog is no reflection on what sort of mother I'll be.  That's ridiculous, of course - blogging and baby care are not the same.  Besides, the baby will cry when I ignore it, whereas my blog just languishes here unloved and un-updated.  At least I haven't forgotten it completely.

Actually, I'm in process of shopping for a new laptop, which will get me back in the blogging swing of things.  I've put it off for so long because we have so many more things we need to spend money on, but if I'm honest with myself, I know that buying a new computer will save my sanity when I'm home with a newborn come late February.  (And have the added benefit of giving me the ability to work from home, which I don't plan on doing while I'm on leave, but I may need to do once I "return" to work - i have a feeling there will need to be an adjustment period there.)  So bear with me, dear readers - I'm coming back, slowly but surely.

I'm trying to remember the milestones I've not recorded in the last 2 weeks:

-  Baby girl received her first stuffed-animal gift, a classic Pooh from a co-worker who'd visited Disney World. 
-  I got a swift kick the other night just above and to the left of my belly button, and I happened to be touching that exact spot when she let the kick fly -  I don't know exactly how to describe it, but it was like I was touching her for the first time, a part of her that was very obviously something solid, maybe a knee or elbow or foot.  It's only happened a time or two since, and it's just as amazing as that first time.  My girl is growing!
-  We've finally chosen her name.  I'm not ready to share it here yet - but I can't keep a secret, so I'm sure I'll spill it before long.  It took some compromise and weeks of back-and-forth between Jimi and I to arrive here, but it was worth it - when we settled, I was overcome with happy and relief and it just feels right.  I cried.  Jimi just took it in stride, same as he always does when my overly emotional side comes out. 
-  Momma came over yesterday and helped keep us focused so we could clear out the junk room that's now going to be a nursery. 
-   Stacy and Jessie brought over the bassinet, swing, bouncer, and various other baby goods they're lending us - there's baby stuff in my house!  Crazy.
-  I've started to panic a little about the amount of stuff that needs to be done, the amount of money that needs to be spent, and the small amount of time left before she arrives.  Jimi says he's been there for a while and welcomed me now that I've finally caught up with him. 
-  Jimi felt her kick again last night, for the first time in weeks.  Her kicks are so much more solid now, I think it freaked him out a little - he took his hand away and didn't put it back.  Last time he felt her they were just little flutters - again, our girl is growing!
-  Sleeping is becoming an adventure.  I still dream every night, but I don't know how - I'm up every 2 hours, either to pee or readjust because my arm is asleep or my hips ache...usually a combination of all three.  I'm tired.
-  I've realized that I've got some physical limitations on how much I can do - two hours of being on my feet/walking is enough to put me out for the rest of the day.  Yesterday we worked on the baby room, then went to the fabric store for nearly 2 hours, searching for the right fabric for her curtains and bedding - by the time we got back in the car, I realized I'd really overdone it.  I got home and sat on my heating pad and let Jimi tend to my every need for the rest of the night.  My hips still ache today. 
-  I bought the Hypnobabies home study course, but have yet to listen to it.  Tonight is the night. 
-  I have my one-hour glucose test tomorrow, and I'm hoping like hell I don't fail.  Little girl, please don't make me go through the holidays without the ability to eat cookies and pie. 

I'm sure I've forgotten a million things.  Which I why i should blog regularly, rather than in spurts.  Oh well.  Doing the best I can. 

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  1. There's baby stuff! And before long, a baby to go with it. Even if she is named Trogdor.


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