Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An example of why people don't read personal blogs:

Work was hard today. I was rudely awakened at 3 a.m. by a driver with a bad trailer. I don't think I actually managed to get back to sleep. I tossed and turned and dozed and turned and tossed until the alarm went off at 7. Man, I have GOT to find a way to not have to work anymore. Lottery win, selling my soul, BJs in back alleys, SOMETHING. I dread having to go to work, and I'm miserable just about every second I'm there. I'm too busy and just can't seem to catch a break and no one is there to pitch in and say, "here, let me help you with that." I can't do this much longer. I'm going to do something stupid, like scream "I QUIT" and start throwing my personal belongings in boxes and getting the fuck out of there forever. Like my predecessor did. No shit, that's really how she left after 5 years. And when she filed for unemployment, listing "Inability to perform all tasks and duties assigned to me" as the reason for her separation from the company, the company didn't bother to dispute her claim or try to deny her payment. Everyone knew hers was a bullshit, tireless, thankless, insane job.

And so here I am. 2 years and I'm ready to scream. But I won't, because there's a mortgage to pay and insurance to pay and electricity to keep running and water to keep heated and, well, water. I won't because they still pay me a good salary, even if it's not nearly enough to compensate for the bullshit. I won't because I have great health insurance, and while I'm fortunate enough that I could be added to Jimi's policy if necessary, that would cost about double what I'm paying now, and if I didn't have income, who's gonna pay that?

Enough about work...

I'm supposed to either mow the grass or go to my parents' house for dinner tonight. I don't want to do any of it, though I suspect I will end up sweating in a tank top and shorts (even if my legs do need to be shaved).

I should go do that now.

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