Sunday, August 27, 2017


I've been running for weeks and my poor house looks like it.  I think I have, literally, 8 baskets of laundry to fold.  I'm going to wear these girls out somehow this morning, and while they're napping, I'm going to find something grown-up to watch and I'm going to fold the shit out of these clothes and blankets and towels.  I also want to arm-sweep every horizontal surface into a big box until they're all clear, then I'll clean them and only put back the things that actually belong there.  And throw everything away that I can't find a home for within 24 hours. porn.

It's Sunday morning, and it's already been a super relaxing weekend and exactly what I felt I needed when 5 o'clock Friday finally arrived.  We don't have any plans today, either, and I'm loving the freedom of not having to be anywhere.  Sometimes I just like to do nothing.  A lot of the time, in fact.  It may be my favorite thing.

Jimi's bike was stolen out of our garage last night.  After I'd left it open. Fucking fuck.  It wasn't a cheap bike, either.  He's really upset about it.  I'm more pissed.  Fucking thieves.  There are two bikes in my garage I would've given someone, if they needed a bike.  But no.  They took the expensive one.  Of course.  Fucking fuckers.

We "camped" last weekend with Mom and Dad and Dyl - stayed in a cabin on Green River.  It was the best trip - the girls got to swim at the beach and play at the playground, and mom and I had a really great night Saturday night, sitting around the campfire sharing a bottle of wine until well after midnight.  She told me stories of growing up and young adulthood and motherhood - it was really really nice.  And maybe reframed a bit of my childhood, in a really great way.

Geneva and Cora are awesome.  They've started playing together even more, especially after last weekend with no TV, and they're so sweet together.  They look for each other when they get up in the mornings, and then they snuggle together.  I'm so glad they are good to each other.  I'm so thankful they're friends.  Fingers crossed this never changes and only gets better as the years go on.

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