Sunday, June 2, 2013

12 weeks 6 days - My life is upside down.

There are pacifiers on my nightstand, on the floor in the living room, in her bed, in her carseat, in the diaper bag.  The kid doesn't like pacifiers, yet they've multiplied and made themselves at home in every corner of my home.  There's a rattle under my dining room chair, a play mat - the sort with crisscrossed padded poles attached to each corner, so you can dangle toys above baby for them to swat at - hangs over the mirror, hooked on by a corner, in an effort just to get it up off the floor.  Not that it matters - a stroller takes up all the floor space underneath.

Baby socks hide between the couch cushions, receiving blankets litter every sitting space.  "Hippos Go Berserk" and "Heroes for My Daughter" are the books found on end tables.  Cloth diapers and flannel wipes are constantly being washed or folded or both at the same time.  Baby washcloths and baby shampoo hang out on the edge of my bathtub. 

She's a breastfed baby, but I have to work, so there are still bottles to wash every day, and pump parts to clean and reassemble.  And I only bathe her every other day, but somehow last week we found ourselves without a single clean baby towel in the house.  (She seemed to enjoy the grown-up towel better, though - not one tear after tub time was over.) 

I love it. 

I love every single little part of it.  Every bottle to wash, every toy to step over or pick up.  Every time I hang up those little cloth diapers, stringing them on the line to dry, I remember the way I felt the first time I washed and hung them, getting them ready for her arrival, as she moved and kicked inside me; I was so excited to use them on a real live baby of my very own.  And now I am!  She pees in them every day! 

I have hampers full of baby laundry - clothes actually worn by MY baby.  She spits up on them, or her diaper leaks, or she just needed to be changed into something cuter - lots of baby laundry around these parts.  I love it. 

And I have to wash bottles and pump parts every day, so the sinks are clean all the time - they have to be.  And we're spending so much time in there cleaning bottles and pump parts, we might as well keep the rest of the kitchen clean too.  And we take baths together all the time, so the bathtub is super clean.  And we have to wipe down the entire bathroom with Lysol after every poopy diaper (because the poop-water gets sprayed in the process of spraying the poop off the poopy diaper), so the bathroom is pretty clean every other day or so, too.  (She's not an every day pooper.) 

And we can't go out to a restaurant at the drop of a hat anymore, so we're eating at home more often, which means we're saving money and eating healthier.  And our relationship, which has almost always been so easy, is being strained and tested in ways we've never experienced before, and we're coming out on top of each challenge, stronger and better than ever. 

This little girl is the most amazing thing that's ever happened in my life.  She's changed everything.


  1. Oh, how I remember those sweet days of just looking around my house at all the change she had brought. I think I even walked around and took pictures and blogged this very thing.

  2. When they say a baby changes everything about your life, I've always thought in the bigger terms, the whole being responsible for another human being way. But hearing how Geneva, though she can't move around very far on her own, has touched every nook and cranny of your house.

    But I have to say, my favorite part is your excitement at, "She pees in them every day!"


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