Wednesday, October 3, 2012

19.3 - My little (big) Heirloom Tomato

(I started writing this days ago, and never finished it.  Dear Baby, I'm sorry I suck at blogging about you and this pregnancy.  I'll work on it.  I hope.) 

When I first started falling off the blogging bandwagon a while back, I blamed my normal, run-of-the-mill, every-day-is-the-same-as-the-one-before life - you know, lack of blogging fodder.  I figured if I ever got pregnant, I'd be blogging like crazy, back to posting an entry every day, or twice a day. 

Here I am, pregnant, newly married, planning a wedding reception, and with crazy changes happening in my world every day, and I still can't seem to bang out more than one post a week - and I'm doing good to blog that often.  Obviously, I'm just lazy.  (The lack of a fully-functioning computer at home doesn't help, either.)

We had our big baby-doctor appointment this past Tuesday - the much-anticipated anatomy scan ultrasound.  Leading up to the appointment, I was becoming a nervous wreck - what if there's something wrong?  Will all the pieces and parts be there and functioning properly?  The tech put the wand on my belly and exclaimed "Oh Goody!  I didn't miss anyone - there's still only one in there!"  And there was my baby, in profile.  The little nose, mouth, forehead.  The tech moved the wand around some more and we saw little arms, little legs, little feet.  We watched our child yawn, and it was the sweetest, most endearing, most adorable yawn in the history of yawns everywhere. 

The tech took measurements and explained to us what we were seeing - kidneys, stomach, umbilical cord, cervix, brain.  We listened to the heartbeat and watched the four chambers pump.  Our baby is healthy.  *insert huge sigh of relief here*

"Are we finding out the sex of this little one," Tech asks.  "Yes, please, if we can," Mom & Dad answer.  (OMG - Mom & Dad!   That's us!)  She had me turn on my side and pushed around on my belly, moving the baby so the legs would be in the correct position.  I rolled back over on my back, she put the wand to my stomach, and there on the screen was the money shot - I gasped in shock -

"We have a girl," I said.  The awe and surprise was audible in my voice.  "Yes, you do - a little girl," the tech confirmed.  She showed Jimi what we were looking at - the lack of a penis - and took some more pictures.  I kept saying, "I just can't believe it.  I KNEW we were having a boy!  All my dreams have been about little boys."

Now we have to save for college and a wedding.  And a prom dress.  And I have to learn how to fix a little girl's hair, and teach her how to shave her legs.  And some boy is going to break her heart one day and make her cry - how will I not kill him?

Oh, but little girl clothes are so much cuter.  And she and Addy Rose will be just the very best friends - Natalie & Stacy, v2.0!

And Jimi - oh, Jimi will be the best daddy.  Our daughter is so lucky to have him as her father.  Can you imagine?! 

Hi.  It's me again.  This is the new stuff, not the stuff I wrote days ago.  The post should read "20 - Banana Baby".  Maybe I'll use that later this week.  If I don't continue to suck at documenting this miracle.  That's right - twenty weeks.  Today, we're at what's considered the half-way mark.  Holy shitballs, I can't believe we've made it here.  I mean, I can - this has been the easiest thing in the world; a breeze, really.  I'm just overwhelmed at the awesomeness of it all, and I feel so fortunate and lucky and blessed and smiled-upon.  I must've been a very good person in a past life.  I'm so thankful for my husband.  I'm so thankful for our little family.  I'm so thankful for my health, and for the health of our daughter.   I'm thankful for our employment, for our home, for our fun dog and fat cat.  Life is so beautiful.


  1. :) Wonderful wonderful. Congrats on your little girl!!

  2. So excited for you!! Congratulations!

  3. Yes, I snickered when you said "the money shot".

  4. It makes me happy that you're so very happy. :) Congratulations! You have a daughter!!!


    Congrats, mama! Congrats! I'm so happy for you guys!

  6. Long time, no write. *hint*hint* Love you!!


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