Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Impromtu Dinner Party

Everyone's fed, sated, entertained, watered, made comfortable, entertained some more, left for home.

Drive safely, I love you!  I say it to each of them, and mean it with my whole heart.  Especially our last guest.  I'm so glad I called him on a whim, I'm so glad he accepted the invitation.  "Daddy, I know Momma's having Bunco tonight and you're sorta kicked out of the house.  Would you want to come over here after work and have a brat or a burger or a hot dog and some baked beans?  We're having a few people over, it's no trouble that you're not off till 9.  Yeah?  Great!  See ya then!"  

There are still two ears of corn outside, shucked but ungrilled.  Those were supposed to be for me and Jimi, or me and Daddy.  I'm not sure which - regardless, they're still fresh.  Gonna have to remember to bring those in. 

I moved the love tree to its outside home a few days ago, and when we subsequently rearranged the living room, the giant beanbag ended up on top of the place previously occupied by said plant.  Which had a drip tray with a crack in it.  Which got the carpet wet.  Which, in turn, soaked the bottom of the beanbag cover, resulting in a mildewy smell and some last-minute furniture swapping and a run to the CVS to get some Lysol and Febreeze. 

Have I mentioned our dryer's broken?  Cause it is.  And so I can't wash the cover.  Fuck.

It's fine, though.  The thing was a big hit on the front porch with an old blanket thrown over top, and the Lysol and sanitizer did the trick on cleaning the stain and removing any bad smells.  I'll wash the cover when the dryer is repaired, which had best be this weekend or I'm going to have to buy new underwear. 

I'm very proud of my house.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when people who've not been here before compliment us on this particular knickknack, or that photo collage.  When someone says our home is comfortable, I beam.  Yes, that's exactly what we were going for.  :)

We sat on the front porch, talking talk I don't remember, very important stuff, the stuff the world is made of, enjoying the breeze and the cool night air.  It's perfect weather - still in the 70s I'd recon, even at nearly 11 at night.  I don't know what happened to Spring, but welcome Summer!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome night. I'm with you if someone called my house "comfortable" that'd be the ultimate compliment!


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