Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The most awesome thing is happening in my yard, right now.

Two little girls, aged 12 to 16 (I can't tell), came over and said, "Excuse me. Can we cut your grass for ten dollars?"

I live on a half acre of grass. So I say, "Ten Dollars? We have a lot of grass."

She smiled real big. "It's Okay!" All bright and sunshiny and shit.

I'm still doubtful. "There are a lot of sticks, too, that you'd have to pick up. And there's dog poop in the back."

"It's fine!" This girl will not be deterred.

"Okay," I say.

They go and get their mower and are back within 10 minutes. The mower won't start. So Girl B goes for help. Girl A stays and starts picking up sticks, stuffing them into a white plastic garbage bag.

A little boy arrives on the scene. (He's somewhere between 8 and 12. I can't tell.) He gets the mower started, and they're off. He runs ahead, picking up sticks and other shit that's bad for a mower, and finds the "SOLD" sign from I guess when we bought the house. That's awesome.

The mower keeps dying. I helped them raise the blade. It keeps dying some more. They'll never finish this yard.

I'm contemplating tearing a $20 bill in half, and promising them the rest if they come back and finish tomorrow.

ETA: Girl B never came back.

Girl A just called it a night and said she'll be back tomorrow. She didn't ask for any money. Dang. Should I have offered the half twenty anyhow?

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