Friday, November 2, 2007

James Blunt ain't got nothin' on me.

Turn your mind away from things which are not permanent. - Buddha

That's what he keeps trying to make me understand. It's what I keep trying to learn. I'll get it one of these days.


So, TGIF. Jimi's vacation starts at 5:30 - guess who's cleaning house next week? I shouldn't say that - I'm sure he will do some cleaning and fixing-up around the house, but I sincerely hope he spends a few days on the couch in his underwear watching the idiot box or playing "Fate" while eating beef jerky and drinking vodka. (Sadly, I don't see that happening - it seems I've got the corner on that market in this relationship.)

I got home from Rick's around 8:30. The beans were done (and delicious, thanks to Jimi saving the day with beef bullion and cornstarch) and he was just beginning the cornbread. He mentioned wanting to see "1408", I offered to go get a copy, and with a reminder to turn on his phone, I was out the door and off to the video store. They didn't have a single copy of "1408". Of course. I grabbed "Knocked Up" and "The Gravedancers" and headed for the checkout. I stood there for well over 4 minutes, listening to the clerk talking on the phone to her manager, tattling on another employee who'd attempted to get credit added to her account when in fact such credit was not due. (Since when do video store clerks pay for rentals?) Finally, she said her goodbyes and turned to me and asked for the name on the account. She typed it in, and I saw the furrow in her brow as she scanned the screen and asked my name. I was glad I'd reminded Jimi to turn on his phone. She called her manager, who gave her permission to call Jimi to confirm that it was indeed okay for me to rent under his account. At this point, as she was dialing his number, I opened my mouth to warn her, but instead decided that she should experience this one naturally. The conversation went something like this:

Jimi: "Hello?"

Clerk: "Hello, James? This is Bridget at Movie Gallery? Natalie is here and I just need to confirm that it's okay if she rents movies on your account."

Jimi: "Red hair, glasses, black coat?"

Bridget: "Yes"

Jimi: "NO! Punch her in the face!"

Bridget: "Um, (girlish giggling) no, I don't think I should do that.", then, speaking to me in a whisper, "He told me to punch you in the face."

Me: "I almost warned you."

Bridget, to Jimi again: "So, James, it is okay for Natalie to rent on your account, right?"

Jimi, laughing: "I guess so."

Bridget: "If you want her to be able to rent on your account all the time, just come in and add her name to the account. That way we won't have to bother you."

Me, to the guy standing behind me in line, with my eyes rolling: "Now he's going to say 'what if we break up?'."

Jimi: "But what if we break up?"

Bridget: "Then you just have her name taken off the account."

Me, to guy: "Told ya."

This is my life. Can you see why I love it so much?

Happy Friday, all!

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